Scholarship program „Senior“ application form

(More than 4 years of experience)

Personal details and contact information:

Your scope of work?

Personal statement

In order to support your scholarship application, please outline the qualities that make you an outstanding applicant for the Baltic For Events Forum Scholarship (please refer to the guidelines). Please try to keep it to approximately 300 words.


You can make references to:

  • Your reasons for applying for the BFEF and how it will benefit you in the future

  • Your existing academic record and where you have achieved exemplary standards in your studies

  • Your professional experience to date and your career aspirations

  • How you would bring an exciting and valuable global perspective to your work

  • Outstanding professional and/or personal achievements in the face of adversity

  • What motivates you

Statement (maximum 300 words)

What do you expect to learn or acquire by visiting Baltic For Events Forum? Please be as specific as possible

Please outline in 150-250 words your best projects and describe your role in making them great

 Please explain why you are financially dependent on the scholarship

Please describe your function in any hybrid events you have organised

Which live campaign would you love to be part of in the future? Describe your dream project

How much do the following statements apply to you?

I speak English fluently
I am open for traveling and meeting other cultures
I have professional expertise in planning and organizing events
I have experience in digital programming and application development
I have experience in graphic design / 3D design / event design / video or photo productions / creation and art direction / concept planning / graphical user interface design
I have experience with agile event management (scrum/ kanban/ design thinking)
I am open for an agile mindset


I confirm that the information given in my application form is true, complete and accurate, and that no information requested or other material information has been omitted.

I accept that, if I do not comply with these requirements, the Baltic Event Industry Club may cancel my application and any subsequent offer and I shall have no claim against the Baltic Event Industry Club in relation thereto. I allow members of BEIC to contact me using the contact datails above.

I agree to the terms and conditions listed above


The information provided on this form will be retained by Baltic Event Industry Club and used to assess your scholarship application alongside the applicant information we have for you, according to the eligibility and selection measures applicable for each award. The data will not be disclosed to any organisation not associated with the Baltic Event Industry Club.

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