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Baltic For Events Top of the Pile resume challenge.

Top of the Pile resume challenge.

Sponsored by VOK DAMS Worldwide



You are young. You have the right skills. You want to join a great event agency. You are eager to work hard. And then some more. You send out great motivation letters and concise resumes to each and every agency you can find online.


And yet, no replies, no invitations, not even a rejection.


As you know, you’re not the only one sending their cv (our BEIC members get tons of spontaneous resumes per day…), so yours needs to stand out, But how?


Big colorful fonts? Perfumed paper? Pretty selfies? An envelope with cash? How do you get your resume on top of the pile?


With the VOK DAMS Worldwide “Top of the Pile” Competition!


We offer you the chance to win tickets to the Baltic For Events Forum 2019 and get selected for fast track face-to-face interviews for open positions with BEIC member agencies during or after the forum.



The Forum is great platform to learn, get inspired and network with leading industry professionals. So even when the interviews do not lead to a job offer, you are still in the right place to accelerate your career.


How to submit

Send us your resume together with a motivational cover letter (500 words max, by e-mail only) why you’re a great candidate.


Tell us who you are. Are you the well-organized (junior) project manager? The multi-tasking project assistant? The skillful 2D/3D graphic designer? Or the outgoing business development manager? We are always looking for new talent in all live marketing disciplines.


Tell us what you want to achieve professionally, when and where. Which countries do you aspire to work in, which events would be your dream to work on? Where do you want to be in five years from now?


Tell us who you are, what makes you a great colleague. Tell us your hobbies and life skills. Tell us why we should meet you instead of all the other applicants.


We promise you that all applications received through BFEF will be on the top of pile and read carefully. Impress us! Touch our hearts! Send shivers down our spines!


Who can apply?

Anyone passionate about live communication, events and experiential marketing with the legal right to work in the EU and the drive to work hard anywhere in the world.  Students, employees, freelancers and even (boutique) agency owners.


We are open to all levels of experience but keep in mind that most open positions are for junior (up to two years experience). One strict requirement: you need to be able to speak, read and write English fluently.



The Baltic for Events Forum takes place 24-25 April 2019, Please submit your application before 1 April 2019

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