Julia Flovén

Participant Experience measurement, Helsinki, Finland

Julia is a passionate development professional who has lately been working on different approach to measure participant experience, not only in events, but in customer and employee experience as well. How can we have beeper understanding of the experience? Is it in line with the goals that we have? If not how can we improve, or even if it is, how can we make it better. Julia is interested in how emotions motivate us and what value the knowledge of participants’, customers’ or employees’ emotions can bring to businesses.

Funmedia Oy

Funmedia is a Helsinki based event agency that has more than 30 years of history. The company specialize in mid and big-scale company event production working with banks, airports, insurance companies and more.

At Funmedia, we believe that the world may shrink, technologies evolve, leadership styles may change and marketing may become more automated, but none of these changes the fact that we are social beings. If anything, thanks to digitalization, we interact more than ever. At the same time, it is increasingly difficult to get our complete, undivided attention. Strong experiences are built by emotions and memories, not dreams.

Baltic Event Industry Club MTU

Kivimurru 43, 11412, Tallinn, Estonia+372-5552-8114

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