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Janne Björge

Founder of «Myopinion.se»

Gotheborg, Sweden

Janne Björge is the founder of Nine Yards. From nothing to 1.5 billion € in turnover with amazing global customers that stayed for a long time. Awarded with European Best Event Award and in the top tier for 7 years in a row in "agency of the year" in Sweden.


The agency changed the offer from a leading Event agency to a leading brand experience agency and tripled the business in the process. It is not easy, it’s hard. -But it was worth it.


Janne sold the agency last year and was key note last year, now we have the possibility to go deeper, to tell the story to the end.

Earlier he was responsible for sales, marketing and customer relations at Salomon Sports Sweden in their change from a Ski manufacturer to the mountain brand they are today, and later Sales manager of Vagabond International, the famous Swedish Shoemaker before he founded; Nine Yards, The brand experience agency, one of the largest Nordic agencies.

Since 2014, Janne and his +60 colleagues created engaging communication for leading brands like Carlsberg, Volkswagen, Audi, Nike, The Swedish Armed Forces, TEDx Göteborg etc.

Janne is also spending 20% of his days at the University´s in both Stockholm and Gothenburg, Berghs School of communication and IHM, teaching 1.500 students yearly about brand experience and why building strong brands from withinis the right way to do it. A regular speaker at large corporate events and symposiums around the theme – Engagement, Brand Experience and the power in being a trusted relation. 15.000 people yearly listen to his presentations.

"Let’s talk about brands and the potential to be the most valuable asset. Let’s change the game and the relationship with our customers. We need to go deeper in the understanding that the potential of a clever and ambitious brand is the best investment you can do. It´s big money, and serious business.

 Amazon increased the brand value with 29% 2018 and the brand is valued to 64.7 billion USD. Just the brand… The company is another amount. That’s another sport. It’s the same process if you are an agency, a destination or a company. The potential brand value is 35-40% of your turnover.

I will present the facts, the cases and the reasons you will need to reach the full potential of your brand. I will present the 4 internal factors and the 6 external success factors that drives brand equity. 

It’s a relevant guide to consider. It’s not "happy customer index" It haven´t been for a while. Let’s share, let’s be serious and let’s have some fun during this masterclass. We will find lots of “why” we need to focus on the brand, and the brand experience."


Baltic Event Industry Club MTU

Kivimurru 43, 11412, Tallinn, Estonia+372-5552-8114

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