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Helena Wallo

Faustus Oy

Helsinki, Finland

Helena Wallo is an author, trainer and blogger in the event industry. She has spent most of her career in marketing, marketing communication and events. Before she worked in insurance and the IT sector.In 2007 Helena started her own event consultancy and training business. She is the author of the event marketing books Tapahtuma on tilaisuus (Events are possibility) published in 2003 and Isännyyden ihanuus (How to host events) published in 2009.

She works part-time as trainer at Markkinointi-instituutti in Specialist Qualification in Management. 
Helena has created a Successful Event Model and today she does public speaking, training and consulting on the topic of event marketing. In addition to this she has been an Evento Awards judge in Finland for four years now and she is one of the Eventex judges as well. She is a member of MPI in Finland (President Elect), SJTM (Society for Sponsorship and Event Marketing) and Society of Habits and Manners.

Her dream is to create even more successful and effective events! She writes a blog on events at www.faustus.fi.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration (B.Sc.) main subject marketing, Teacher’s pedagogical qualification, specialist in competence based qualifications, Specialist Qualification in Product Development

Event marketing and how to measure events, how to use social media at events and how to host events and Successful Event Model. I have written two books about event marketing: Tapahtuma on tilaisuus (5.laitos 2016,) Tietosanoma and Isännyyden ihanuus, 2009, Infor.

Baltic Event Industry Club MTU

Kivimurru 43, 11412, Tallinn, Estonia+372-5552-8114

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