BFEF COCKTAIL PARTY will take place in PRIVE space, the unique lounge space in the heart of the city center. Through dance, music and art, the event will create its own atmosphere, with amazing blues&soul music and special welcome drink for the guests. 



       Harju 6, 10130

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#BFEF cocktail Party is a wonderful place to have small talk with colleagues, drink a glass of prosecco and relax after the intense first day of the forum.


Finlandia Caviar is a shop & restaurant which focuses on serving roe, oysters and caviar. With one shop operating in Helsinki, one has been recetly opened in Tallinn’s old town. Welcome to the event to get familiar with our products. On the spot we’ll serve truffle butter crackers with salmon, cold-smoked trout and vendace roe’s as well as try some caviar.

Renae Rain

 Blues singer during the cocktail party

Driven individual with diverse creativity. Musically talented with the intentions of pursuing a steady music career and to also help inspire the young community to using the varied skills developed over the years in Arts, Education and Networking.

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Dmitri Zorin


I'm a professional magician and a very lucky man! 

I'm lucky because I make my living doing what I love: adding fun and excitement to important occasions, performing both Close-Up Magic and Stage Magic to audiences all around the world.

I perform at Corporate Events, Private Celebrations, Weddings and Civil Partnerships, Christmas Parties and even Trade Shows and Promotions.

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Address: Põhja pst 21b, 10414 Tallinn, Estonia

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